Comanche County Democratic Party

We now have to the ability to accept donations online via the Act Blue website. Donations make our local office, this website, and a host of other Comanche County Democratic Party activities possible.

What We Do.

We are about progressive change in Comanche County and
about electing officials who will help bring about that change.


Central Committee Meeting (County)

Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023 2:00 PM, via ZOOM.

The Central Committee consists of our county officers and makes policy decisions for the county party. All are invited to attend.

General Monthly Meeting

Monday, Sept. 25, 2023, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, in person onlyat VFW Post 1193, 928 SW 2nd St, Lawton, OK.

See Invitation.

Officers 2023 – 2025

  • Shykira Smith, Chair
  • Mark Smith, Vice-Chair
  • Laura Williams, Secretary
  • Randy Corrales, AA
  • Dawn Bona, AA

The terms of officers will expire Spring, 2025, when new elections will be held.

Comanche County Democratic Platform

  • Support legislation for increasing educational needs at all levels, Pre-K through postsecondary (put opportunities for higher education within reach of average Americans)
  • Empower the hungry and thirsty through programs for feeding the poor and children toward self-sufficiency.
  • Support environmental protection for air, water, and land so that common resources are preserved for all.
  • Support programs to reduce homelessness in our midst.
  • Vote to provide health coverage for those without it.
  • Support programs to reduce recidivism of those in prison and encourage reforms to the justice system.

Please join us as we work to accomplish these basic human needs.

Facebook Group

Our official facebook group is Comanche County Democrats, Public Group. You have to join in order to post comments. Acceptance to the group may take a day or two, but once you are accepted, you are free to post. We have a liberal acceptance policy, so unless you are a troll with a reputation for harassing Democrats, you will be accepted. We care about your comments so please, please, join and participate

Contributors Needed

Opinion pieces, columns and artwork on topics related to the local political scene are now being accepted. If you are looking for an audience for express your progressive ideas on local politics that is more suitable to a long form than social media, this is the place to find it! For more information or to submit a piece, email

Call Your State Legislature

The webpage Find My Legislator allows you to obtain the contact information for both your state and federal legislators. Simply enter your street address, city and state, and legislators’ names and contact information pop up. Webpage even works for other states in addition to Oklahoma.

With BIll Tracker you can follow legislation in the Oklahoma Legislature that interests you.

Call Congress

Due to the magic of advanced communication technology, one easy phone number allows you to reach your Senator or your Representative in the U.S. Congress. Use the number well and use it often! The number is 202-224-3121. ​